Landoll Tillage Demos Available September to October

Landoll High Speed Discs

Demo Units:

  • 30′ HSL with Chevron Reels ( Requires 425-450 hp )

This season, add a new level of productivity with High Speed Tillage from Landoll. Aggressively cut, size and incorporate your heaviest residue at 10 mph all day long. That’s hundreds of acres of smooth seedbed every day in the field.

The aggressive angle and pitch of the blades optimize residue incorporation and make it the ideal tool for both spring and fall applications.

Landoll Vertical Tillage

Demo Units:

  • 30′ VT Plus ( Requires 240-300 hp )

  • 50′ VT Plus ( Requires 400-500 hp )

With Fall harvest complete, the time is right to make the change to vertical tillage. Vertical tillage is how farmers right here in our area are achieving big gains in their annual yields.

With the ability to size, anchor and decompose residue; promote early spring warming; level ridges and fill in ruts; and produce an excellent seedbed, the VT plus is a truly versatile machine that finds use in both spring and fall applications.