Agrex Fertilizer Spreader

The AGREX FERTI / FERTI-W fertilizer spreaders are directed at professional operators and at third-party contractors in view of their high performance in the distribution of fertilizers on large stretches of land. The standard hopper has a loading volume of 1500 liters which can be increased to 3200 liters by simply adding, at any given time, an extension.


The spreading diagrams supplied with the machine, enable the operator to regulate the working width and the fertilizer load for a spreading width of up to 36 m. The FERTI fertilizer spreaders allow for normal spreading, late spreading (which is indispensable when it is necessary to fertilize areas where crops reach an impressive height) and the spreading of edges. The FERTI-W fertilizer spreader has weighing system that allows to gear automatically the opening of the dosing gates up to the speed of the tractor and the peculiarities of the fertilizer’s flow. More respect of the environment and economic savings are the results of the extraordinary precision in spreading and the easy use of the weighing system.

  • Manual fertilizer flow regulation
  • Double acting hydraulic drive for flow regulation
  • Standard filtering grids
  • PTO shaft
  • Inspection ladder
  • Stainless steel spreading discs
  • Stainless steel vanes for spreading up to 24/32 m
  • Vanes quick adjustmen

Optionals: Computer for data management / Mobile focuser / Mud flap kit / Tarpaulin cover with full opening

XDI 1500 1500 L 3000 Kg 355 Kg 142 cm 232 cm 117 cm
XDI 2000 2000 L 3000 Kg 369 Kg 151 cm 242 cm 130 cm
XDI 3000 3000 L 3000 Kg 405 Kg 151 cm 242 cm 155 cm