AKRON GTX3230 Grain Bagger

The Akron grain bagging systems have seen decades of use & refinement in Argentina, and has now proven to be the best built, most reliable, and simplest to operate for the grain bagging market . Only Akron produces bagging equipment that has patented features to empty bags the quickest, with a minimal amount of grain left behind to clean-up.



  • Hydraulic tray to fit the bag with ease.
  • Electric Winch.
  • Easy to operate and precise hydraulic brake system.
  • Hydraulic operated pan.
  • 400/65 – 15.5 Tire size.
  • Biggest Hopper on the market: 9 ¼ x 6 ½ x 4 ¼ (LxWxH) 1400 US gallons.
  • 20 inch Auger.
  • 32000 bu/hr capacity (bagger only).
  • New revolucionary easy to lift bag cradle.
  • Heavy constructed frame.
  • Can fit a 330 foot long bag by 10 foot diameter.
  • Auger kit for Televeyor available. (Optional equipment).