Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher

The Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher is a one pass secondary tillage tool designed to finish and firm the seedbed prior to planting. The front Pulverizer roller breaks down the clods and lumps. The cultivator teeth in the middle bring moist soil into the growth zone. The rear Pulverizer roller levels and firms the seedbed. Over the years, these machines have been labeled with many names: Pulvi-Mulcher, Roller Harrow, Culti-Mulcher, and Roller Mulcher to name a few. The name doesn’t matter…the concept is the same


Over the years, the Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher has dominated this market. Heavy-duty roller assemblies that can handle the challenges of secondary tillage set the stage as a leader. Strong, yet flexible frame members allow the Pulvi-Mulcher to follow the contour of the soil for consistent performance. Choice of Pulverizer wheel types and cultivator teeth meets the needs of different soil types and conditions. This combination adds up to the Pulvi-Mulcher that still leads the industry today.

Introducing the Heavy-Weight in Pulvi-Mulchers

The 3630 Series, new to the Pulvi-Mulcher line-up from Brillion, features wider working widths, increased trash clearance and reduced downtime. The series includes two new models, available in 30’ and 36’6” working widths. The 30’ model weighs 80% more than the popular WL360 model for more clod crushing power. The 36’6” unit is the widest Pulvi-Mulcher ever offered by Brillion!

8” roller axles with heavy-duty bearings improves reliability and reduces down time. Choice of notched, crowfoot or Optimizer® wheels allows the 3630 Series to be set-up to match your soil conditions. The design includes three rows of two-piece edge bent s-tines on overall 6” spacing. 25” of under frame shank clearance improves trash flow through the machine. A leveling bar located in front of the rear roller helps level ridges left by the shanks.