Brillion Zone Commander

The Brillion Zone Commander is a compaction management tool designed to address soil compaction issues within the growth profile in a controlled manner in a defined area. Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of compaction control with minimal surface disturbance, the Zone Commander has developed the reputation of being a very reliable machine that has the ability to work in unknown soil profiles without failure or downtime.


Rugged and Durable

All tillage tools need to be built to handle the stress of the fast paced industry of today. However, deep tillage machines with depth capacities well below the normal operating depths need to be especially tough. In many instances these tools will be operating in profiles that have never been touched by a tillage tool before. The Zone Commander has what it takes.

The Frame

Built with 6” x 4” structural steel tubing, the robotically welded frame is the foundation for the heavy-duty Cat. II, III or IV three-point hitch. The robust frame is the anchor for the lead coulters that start the tillage process. The rear bar of the frame supports the Zone Commander’s shank assemblies.

The Shank Mount

The Zone Commander shank mounts are built to withstand the rigorous torture that operating in unknown soil profiles can dish out. The auto-reset shank assemblies allow for 3,500 lbs. of point load and 17” of trip height. Rigid shear bolt models are also available for areas with minimal soil obstructions.