Farm King Rotary Rake

Specifically designed for use in smaller field structures the Farm King Rotary Rake operates with minimal impact, processing the crop with extreme delicacy. The RR420 provides smooth operation with 4 tandem axle pneumatic tires at 18 x 8.5 x 8 and high driving stability with a wide track tandem chassis that enables a higher speed of use.


Model RR420
Working Width 13.8′ (4.2 m)
Transport Width 6.5′ (196 cm)
No. of Arms 11
Tiers Per Arm 4, removable
Gearbox Sealed oil bath
Tires 4, pneumatic 18 x 8.5 x 8
Weight 1,411 lb (640 kg)


The Farm King Rotary Rake has a transportation width of 6.5′ (196 cm) to help get you from field to field safely.
This model excels in rougher terrain with its perfect rotor ground contour following. With a high degree of flexibility and adjustability, built with high quality steel and design – this is a rake that will prove smooth, fast and durable.
Each Farm King Rotary Rake features a hydraulic lift system and adjustable height to ease fieldwork and maximize maneuverability. The adjustable front cylinder allows users to fine tune pitch and features removable tine arms.