Farm King Square Bale Carrier

The Farm King 4480XD Square Bale Carrier improves it’s capacity with 9 4’x4′, 20 3’x4′ and 24 3’x3′ bales picked per load. With full customization and the quarter turn option you can configure it to perform to your operation’s needs. The 4480XD features a host of new innovations and technology designed to increase efficiency, maximize durability and minimize bale damage.


Model 4480 XD
Maximum Load 25,000 lb. (11,300 kg)
Bale Length 8’ (2.4 m)
Deck Length 34′ (10.36 m)
Overall Length 42′ 8″ (13 m)
Overall Width 13’ 10” (4.2 m)
Transport Width 10′ 2″ (3.1 m)
Weight 9,485 lb (4,302 kg)



The Farm King 4480XD square bale mover features a heavy-duty undercarriage and 4″ x 8″ beams to support heavy loads under stress. The 4480XD also has eight bolt heavy-duty wheels. The tandem walking beam axles reinforce the overall stability and structural integrity.
Unloading is quick and easy thanks to the innovative design of the carrier. The rear deck tilts backward, resting the back half of the load on the ground. Move the carrier forward and return the tilt deck to the neutral position. Push the remaining bales to the back of the carrier and repeat the process.
The bales are stacked in tight rows. The strings are not touching the ground, which prevents prolonged exposure to surface moisture. As settling occurs, the bales rest together in a structurally sound stack.
The beams on the carrier deck have been covered with a special graphite coating that allows the bales to slide with minimal effort.
After bales are lifted onto the deck, a pusher powered by two hydraulic motors moves the bales rearward. If the pusher senses resistance from a heavier-than average bale during regular operation, it automatically shifts to ‘low’ for five seconds to provide more power to push the bale. If the bale will not move, a sensor sends a message to the monitor to alert the operator. The sensor on the pusher motor counts revolutions to efficiently measure the pushback distance.
The chain that powers the pusher is recessed beneath the beams so the weight of the bale is never resting fully on the chain, minimizing bale stress and limiting the chance of string breakage.
The bale carrier automatically adjusts its hydraulic configuration to correspond with the hydraulic system on the tractor, as selected by the operator. The bale carrier is compatible with open-center, closed-center, or load-sensing closed-center hydraulic systems.
The reinforced carrier arm enhances the structural integrity of the machine. Hydraulic hoses and electronic sensors have been positioned to avoid being pinched or damaged by moving parts.