Maschio Sickle Bar Mower

The sickle bar mower is equipped with a double connecting-rod and adjustable coupling for tractors with a minimum of 25 HP and 540 r.p.m. P.T.O.

The two-motion tooth-blade system used in the Model FBR mowing machines makes scissor cut which leads to a high speed operation on any crop. The two-blade motion guarantees a sharp and clean cut on any type of grass, be it damp or flattened. It is clean, thanks to the total absence of soil which this mowing system does not raise, and sharp because the stems are not frayed.


The mower is operated by connecting a driveline to the tractors P.T.O. This transmits drive to two distinct rod-crank mechanisms that operate the blade and blade teeth, by means of a pulley and belt transmission system housed in a dedicated casing.

The mechanisms at the end of the cutting bar allow the machine to be used effectively in the thickest forage crops without clogging

Standard Equipment:

  • 3 pt hitch
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Grass swath guide
  • Double action cutting head
  • Safety breakaway 540 PTO shaft
  • Cutting angle range 90° up & 45° down
  • 8 to 10 km/hr operating speed