McFarlane Quadra-Till

Since the introduction of our popular Reel Disk in 2007 growers have asked us to design a companion primary tillage machine for heavy residue situations. Corn-on-corn acres are increasing to meet increasing demand throughout the world and to feed ethanol production. Higher yields and continuous corn rotations create a heavy residue environment that conventional tillage machines cannot efficiently handle. Until now, a primary tillage tool needed to be followed by multiple passes with finish tools to prepare a seedbed for planting.

Look no further. The Quadra-Till is designed as a one pass fall tillage tool that will size residue, shatter the soil profile across the width of the machine, incorporate the residue evenly and level the future seed bed. In the spring a Reel Disk can make one light pass and quickly prepare a perfect seedbed for the next crop to be planted into. The McFarlane vertical tillage system will ensure optimum seedbed preparation for a better crop and increased profits.



Main Frame
Disk frame constructed of 3″x6″ tubing, chisel frame is 4″x6″ and the main frame utilizes 6″x8″ tubing.

Disk Spring System
Coil spring system protects disk frame from obstructions such as rocks and stumps. Also prevents premature wear when operating in extremely hard ground conditions or frost. Initial spring tension and two-position adjustment ensures consistent operating depth, yet allows the disk gangs to trip 4″ upwards.

Disk Frame

Fully adjustable disk gangs offer 12°, 14° and 16° operating angle as well as hydraulically controlled depth setting. The blades are set on 10″ spacing to provide a 5″ effective cut for thorough residue sizing. Gang mounted reversible scrapers ensure the blades stay clean of debris.

Chisel Shanks

Heavy-duty clamp style shank mounts on 15″ spacing ensures even shatter across the width of the machine. The 2½” x 1¼” edge-bent shanks allow for 37″ of under frame clearance. 3″ twisted shovels are standard with 2″ straight points or 4″ twisted shovels available as an option. Auto reset chisel shanks with 1600lbs. point pressure and a 14″ trip height.

Leveler Disk

Hydraulically adjustable leveling disk system with depth indicator levels ridges left by chisel shanks. Individually mounted cushion bearing standards ensures long life and dependability.


Industry leading, fully flexible 4 bar spike harrow completes the leveling process. Heavy duty angle harrow bars feature ¾” square x 11″ long high strength teeth. The 11″ tooth spacing provides 2¾” of effective tooth spacing.

Additional Options

Additional Features of Quadra-Till Folding Include:
¼” thick, 24″ diameter disk blades
1½” square arbor bolt
Triple lip trunnion mount bearings
Heavy-Duty reversible scrapers
Single point depth control
Walking tandem axle (single axle on 7 shank)
Disk gang operating depth up to 4″
2 x ¼ auto reset shanks
14″ shank trip height
Chisel operating depth up to 12″
Maintenance free UHMW polymer on axle and disk rock shafts
Safety chain, SMV and lighting kit
Chisel operating depth up to 12″
6mm thick, 20″ diameter leveler disk blades
Walking tandem axle (single axle on 7 shank)
1600 lbs. point pressure
Operating range 5 to 6.5 mph