McFarlane Seedbed Conditioner

Three Tools In One

The McFarlane Reel Seedbed Conditioner is actually three tools designed into one unique tool. The seven hardened steel blades chop heavy crop residue and loosen soil around the root. The vertical action of the blade doesn’t create a yield robbing soil density change.

Next, the 3-bar flexible spike tooth harrow stirs, levels and firms the loosened soil. The fully flexible section does not gather residue and follows the ground contour closely. Moisture is sealed in so it is more readily available to the crop.

Finally, the trailing rolling basket completes the process, conditioning the top of the soil profile leaving it level and firm. With the adjustable down pressure, the rolling basket can be set aggressive for clod sizing and soil firming or passive for soil separating.

In low residue conditions, the 5-bar spike harrow is more aggressive for soil leveling and firming and the feathering board ensures even residue distribution



With all the benefits of vertical tillage, residue is managed in the spring by cutting, mixing and spreading residue on top of the field. Uniform soil density is maintained when leveling fall-tilled fields or when breaking crusted soils. Earlier planting can be achieved when this tool is run in damp, cold soils because it exposes the soil and accelerates soil warming. With operating speeds up to 10 mph, many acres are covered quickly.

Tough Fall Corn Stalks?

Using just the spiral reels, the Reel Seedbed Conditioner is a great tool for fall corn stalk management. It breaks the stalks and places them into contact with the soil, so they decompose better. The smaller stalk size also flows through fall tillage implements better. The chopper reel does not cut the stalks as finely as a flail shredder, making them less susceptible to wind erosion. And, horsepower requirements and fuel consumption are less. An optional knock down board can be used to push tough stalks over to produce better cutting of the entire stalk.

Higher Yields

There has been only one sure-fire way to get more production per acre. Put more into the acre. Until harvest time, you never know if you will get enough additional yield to pay for all the additional inputs. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to significantly increase yields without increasing inputs. Now, there is. It’s the Reel Seedbed Conditioner from McFarlane.

The Root Of The Matter

Strong root structure is essential to a crop’s health, growth and development. In fact, it’s fair to say “the better the root structure, the better the crop.” Crops grown in fields prepared with the Reel Seedbed Conditioner have significantly stronger and more fully developed root structures. A four-year study conducted by Farm Journal magazine discovered that uniform soil density is the key to fuller root development. The McFarlane Reel Seedbed Conditioner was used to prepare a firm seedbed without compacting the subsoil. This helped promote uniform soil density and maximized root development and increased yields (up to 13 bushels per acre).



Toolbar is heavy-wall 7″ square tubing, trussed on 36′ & 40′
Triple-lip seal on spiral reel bearings for long life
Replaceable hardened steel spiral blades
Harrow sections feature heat-treated wear bushings
Adjustable height and down pressure for rolling basket
Optional 5-Bar spike harrow and feathering board
Optional front-mounted knock down board pushes tough stalks over