Sitrex Bale Wrappers

Sitrex Bale Wrappers come in a number of sizes. Contact our sales team today for more information.


3 point hitch version for front and rear linkage; – Handy and safe, it works at few cm from the ground; – Particular suitable for small areas; – Good results also in steep slope grounds; – It could wrap bales from 120 to 160 cm diameter and tll 1200 kg weight

– 3 point hitch version suitable for static use; – Suitable for use directly in the storage place; – Loading of the bale with another implement; – Discharge of the bale by hydraulic control;

Trailed or carried version with central loading arm for rear loading; – Light and handy, is suitable for all bales from 120 to 160 cm diameter; – Loading and discharge by fork with hydraulic control from the tractor; – Possibility of wrapping also during the transport of the bale; – Standard with half-automatic centring;

Trailed version with side loading fork; – High performance in large areas; – Low ground pressure and high stability. Half-automatic centring; – Possibility to load bale till 900 kg without the use of ballast; – Direct discharge of the bale, without the use of the platform. “Optional” discharge vertical bale

Trailed version with side loading fork, for professional use in big farms; – strong frame with possibility to carry two bales; – Bale’s discharge with rear damper; – Strong platform for the vertical discharge of the bales