Sitrex Pro 17 Hay Rake

The SITREX PRO/17 wheel rake is the best on the market for raking both green and dry hay, hay residue from all kinds of plants, etc. It is also suitable for large, voluminous and heavy harvests. They are made for use at a high operating speed over any terrain and for all types of fodder, always guaranteeing excellent quality work. A kit is available for transforming the PRO/17 into a PRO/19 rake.


A simplified version is available that allows you to eliminate the electrical system and to operate the machine with four hoses that go directly to the cylinders for the crosspiece (frame) and for lifting the rake wheels. Two manually operated tie-rods replace the angle cylinders. They are positioned on a plate with holes which allows the machine to be angled from 0° to 35°, like with the cylinders. Another version has six hoses that go directly to the cylinders for the crosspiece (frame), the rake wheel lifting cylinders and the angle cylinders. The electrical system is eliminated also in this version.


Walking beams
Walking beams allow fast operation in irregular
fields and easy road transport.

Adjusting the wheel spring
pressure, adjusting height
Each wheel can be regulated with the correct pressure
on the ground through an adjustable rod connected
to the relevant spring. A chain adequately anchored to
the wheel lifting bar and to the wheel arm ensures a
preset and sure stop to the wheel descent towards the
ground. All these adjustments are individual for each
single wheel. It also possible to adjust all wheels on
each side by operating an adjustable sleeve located on
the wheellifting cylinders.

Sliding crosspieces (sliding frame)
A centrai frame made of double·section structural
pipes stabilizes the machine frame in irregular
fields. Fully open frame allows far 29’ raking