Wheatheart X-Tend Retracting Swing Auger

Wheatheart’s retracting swing auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck. The X-Tend was designed to work with the X130. It’s fast and convenient!

Once a grain trailer is in position, the swing tube is extended. The power swing moves the low profile hopper side-to-side, reaching the truck hoppers with ease. The X-Tend then retracts to allow grain trailers to drive away.

Standard Features

| X-Tend Hopper Features

Low profile hopper positions under grain trailers with ease

Hydraulic power swing with large lug tires, allow for precise positioning and maximum traction

Dual flighting channels grain flow into the swing tube matching the capacity of your X130 auger