Working Width 12’-26’ | Weight class: 1450 lb/ft                             Spacing: 10.5”  |  Blade Size: 24”                                               Rippers: 18” with 3,500lb trip

The Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer offers a combination of parabolic ripper shanks and double offset tandem disc gangs that provide the most effective primary tillage tool in the market place.  The ability to manage the soil, water and residue all with a single pass is exactly what the industry has been asking for. The 2400 Series Weatherproofer I fulfill this need.


  • Auto-Reset Shanks with 3,500lbs pt. load
  • Single Point Depth Controll
  • Triple-Lip Trunnion Bearings
  • Walking Tandem Axel
  • Cast Single Lip Hitch Cat. IV
  • Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polymer Bushings


  • III or V Hitch Available
  • Chisel or Ripper Points
  • Chopper Reel (for high residue)
  • 3-Bar Tine Harrows
  • Rear Tow Hitch